O-litter 11 years old
(S-litter update coming up....!)
Sidse expecting puppies

P-litter 10 years old
O-litter 10 years old
Christmas trip in Roskilde
L-litter 13 years old (danish)
N-litter 11 years old (danish)

Christmas trip in Roskilde
Vacation in Skagen
Sidse - 10 weeks old
Sidse - the first week
R-litter 8 weeks old
R-litter 7 weeks old
R-litter 6 weeks old
R-litter 5 weeks old
R-litter 4 weeks old
R-litter 3 weeks old
R-litter 1 week old
R-litter is born
Nanna expecting puppies
Easter in Skagen
M-litter 10 years old (danish!)
Easter vacation in Skagen

Christmas-tour in Roskilde
We have lost Maise
Walking in Odense - H. C. Andersen town
Snowy on holiday in France
Holiday in Ålbæk with Maise, Snowy and Tiffany
K-litter is 12 years old
New Year's walk
Blue Berry Christmas tour in Roskilde
P-litter is 5 years old
Snowy is mated with Elmo
Vacation in Skagen + Hune dog festival
O-litter 5 years old
Roover from our P-litter - the herding dog
Rørvig, Ebeltof, Skagen - Tiffany champion
Hundene med på ferie i Nordjylland
Maise is 11 years old

The last walk with the dogs in 2015
Holiday in Skagen and lots of OES' at the Hune festival
Tiffany on vacation in Popetto and Apt
BlueBerry weekend on Thurø
Summer with the Blue Berries
Swedish vacation with Snowy
Euro Show 2015 i Nyborg
Holiday in Ålbæk
Spring-walk with Murphy and Simba
P-litter dogs at Roskilde Fjord
New Year's walk at Ishøj Strand
Tiffany's first snow
Christmas-tour in Roskilde
Tiffany on her first show
Autumn in Skagen
The BlueBerry weekend on Thurø
N-litter is 5 years old
Tiffany starts puppy-class in Sorgenfri
Dog- and family-weekend on Fynshoved
Tiffany - say hello to our new puppy

Summer vacation in Skagen, Nanna and Diego visiting
Bilbo and Nanna together in Herringløse
New pictures of the Q-litter puppies in their new homes
Q-litter: Taken to their new families
Q-litter: Eight weeks - the last days with the litter
Q-litter: Eye examination and car-rides
Q-litter: Six weeks - and out in the garden
Q-litter: Five weeks - out in the open
Q-litter: Four weeks and out of the puppy room
Q-litter: Three weeks old
Q-litter: Two weeks old
Q-litter: One week old
Q-litter: Four days old
Q-litter: The litter is born
Victor from the I-litter is 12 years old
Alonso has started swimming-excercise
The Christmas-walk in Roskilde became a New Year's walk

The last trip in 2013
The Neo-Selma puppies at the OES Club Christmas show
Holdidays in Skagen - Snowy has no puppies
Snowy is mated - weekend on Fyns Hoved
Birte and Herdis in London and at the Swindon show
Farewell to Pam from Vermont
Smaller and bigger event with our dogs
Summer vacation in France with Snowy
20 OES' together to activity-day in Tommerup
M-litter is 5 years old
OES-day, OES-walk and holiday in Skagen
Walking in Rungsted Hegn
Walking in Farum
Neo and Louis in Herringløse - and great HD-results from Neo

New Year's walk in Hareskoven
Christmas tour to Roskilde
The P-litter is one year oldOctober
Vacation in Skagen
Birte and Herdis to USA
OES-meeting in Middelfart
We have lost Misty
L-litter is 5 years old
Neo, Nuller and Snowy at the Sofiero show
Boarding dogs and dogs to visit us
The O-litter is 1 year old
Neo from the O-litter makes a great show-debut
Rufs from the N-litter is dead
Snowy and Alonso on vacation in Provence
Vacation in Skagen and Blue Berry weekend in Grenå
Easter with Murphy and Neo
In the forest with our own dogs
Puppy-day with the P-litter
Four P-litter pups to grooming night in Rødovre
P-litter pup Roover on a herding course
The I-litter is 10 years old
Four P-litter pups go for a walk in Roskilde
Farewell Me-Too
The first weeks with Snowy
Snowy has arrived
P-litter: Goodbye (meet the families)
O-litter: Neo and Louis together again
P-litter: Seven weeks - mental test and each puppy pictured
P-litter: Six weeks
Misty is 11 years old
P-litter: Five weeks. Car-ride. Try collars.
P-litter video: The pups get out in the open

The new year's walk in Hareskoven
P-litter: Four weeks - one by one
P-litter: Three and a half weeks
P-litter: Two weeks - the first visitors
P-litter: Eyes slowing opening
P-litter: One week
P-litter: Three days old - one by one
P-litter is born
Christmas trip in Roskilde and show in Ejby
Together again with Luis and Neo from the O-litter
Visiting Siba, Lone and Per in Klint
Toddi is pregnant
Autumn holidays in Skagen
O-litter: Goodbye to Neo
Toddi is mated
O-litter: Nine weeks - Last week with Neo
O-litter: Eight weeks - goodbye to Louis
O-litter: Seven weeks - mental test and eye test
Herding and mental testing
O-litter: Six weeks - car-rides, bones and fights
O-litter: Five weeks - out in the garden
O-litter: Out in the open
O-litter: Four weeks

O-litter: Three weeks
O-litter: Video taken 15th of August
O-litter: Two weeks - out of the box
O-litter: The first steps. Ayes are opening.
O-litter: Wonders and worries (the 1st week)
O-litter is born
Birte and Lene in London and at Windsor
Maise is pregnant
Maise has been inseminated
With Pam in North Jutland
Blue Berry weekend on Klinteborg
April - by the sea and in the forests
Spring-tour along Ishøj Beach with our three dogs
OES-trip on Mols
Early walk of spring in the forest
Misty is 10 years old

New Year's walk in the woods
Christmas walk in Rosilde
Christmas show in Ejby Hall
Snow over Herringløse
Walk on the beach, visiting Geisha and great results in show and
Vacation in Skagen two times this autumn
Elsie died 10th of October
Birte's trip to USA
Sunday in Herringløse and Coco and Simba on vacation
N-litter is 1 year old
Summer with the dogs
Maise and Alonso in Italy and Provence - Misty on Tåsinge
Panda and Luffe on their first dog show
Blue Berry weekend on Klinteborg
Murphy was here - and three N-litter male-pups came

Visiting the N-litter puppies and vacation near Skagen
To Crufts with Herdis and Yrsa
The K-litter is 5 years old and goes for a walk on Ishøj beach
Simba on vacation in our home
Visiting Rufs and Murphy in Sweden
Puppy day in Herringløse + Anton in our house

Happy New Year from Kennel Blue Berry
Christmas Tour in Roskilde
The OES Club Christmas Show in Køge
Grooming night and N-puppies in their new homes
N-litter: Goodbye to the last ones
N-litter: Goodbye to the first seven
N-litter: 7 1/2 weeks - one by one
N-litter: 7 weeks old
N-litter: 6 weeks old
N-litter: 5 weeks old
N-litter: 4 1/2 weeks old
N-litter: 4 weeks - goodbye to the puppy room
N-litter: 3 weeks old
N-litter: The puppies try real food
N-litter: 2 weeks old
N-litter: The puppies walk and get eyes
N-litter: One by one
N-litter: 1 week old
N-litter: 4 days check
N-Litter: Day 2 with the litter
N-litter: six males and four bitches
N-litter: Waiting time part 2
We have lost Moonie
Waiting time for Maise
Alonso, Luna, Toddi and Tino on the Hillerød show
N-litter: Maise is scanned and is pregnant
J-litter is 5 years old
Hot tour to Copenhagen
N-litter: Maise mated with Tino
N-litter homepage
Herding instinct test in Jægerspris
Agility training in Lyngby
The Blue Berry weekend on Tåsinge
Alonso gets his first certificate
The M-litter is 1 year old
Easter in Skagen
Mishka and Mulle to see us
Alonso starting class 1 + Malmø show (Ebba)
Birte goes to Crufts in Birmingham
Minos and Coco here + walks in the fields and Hundige beach
Walking in the woods
Visiting Louis and Tobias & Me-Too
Goodbye to Magnus

A weekend with Coco
Visit from Tåsinge
Christmas walk in Copenhagen and show in Køge
The first snow
Showtraining in Herringløse
Alonso scanned for HD
Taking Minos to the puppy class in Sorgenfri
Minos on vacation in Heringløse
Molly to see us
M-litter in puppy class
Birte visits Pam in Vermont an the US OES Special Show
1 year birtday-tour for the L-litter
H-litter is 10 years old
Blue Berry weekend on Tåsinge
Farewell to Smilla and Ib
Barbecue night in the woods
Puppy day for three from the M-litter
Maise and Alonso to agility
M-litter: The last week + litter and new families
M-litter: Trio on tour
M-litter: 8 weeks - mentaltest + six get new homes
M-litter: Vet-check + in the garden
M-litter: 7 weeks - one by one
M-litter: Finding a place in the pack
M-litter: 6 weeks
M-litter: Out on the lawn

M-litter: 5 weeks - people come to visit the litter + video clip
Out in the open air
M-kuldet: 4 weeks + meting Alonso
M-litter: Develoment
M-litter: 3 weeks
M-litter: Moving day + video clip
M-liter: 2 weeks
M-litter: Peeping at the world
M-litter: 1 week
M-litter: Hungry for life
M-litter: Day 2
M-litter: The litter is born
Waiting for the birth to begin
The M-litter
Magnus is 12 years old
A week in Skagen with Misty, Maise and Alonso
Maise is scanned and pregnant
Louis came to see us
First show with the L-litter
Video of puppy show training
Nearly spring walk on the Hundige beach
Maise is mated with Alex
Puppy day in Herringløse for the L-litter
Misty, Maise and Alonso for a walk on the beach
Puppyclass with Alonso, Toddi and Inca + grooming night
Alonso and the rest

News from the L-litter + Merry Christmas
Christmas-show in Køge
Christmas-tour in Copenhagen
L-litter: Goodbye to the last of them
L-litter: Goodbye to the six of them
L-litter: Visiting the vet
L-litter: Huggin'time
L-litter: Doing the garden walk
L-litter: In lead and human hands
L-litter: 6 weeks old - the puppies one by one
L-litter: Out on the lawn
L-litter: 5 weeks old
L-litter: Out in the yard
L-litter: 4 weeks old
L-litter: Lots of life in the puppyroom
L-litter: 3 weeks old
L-litter: Get their first real meal
L-litter: 2 weeks old
L-litter: Eyes approaching and they start to walk
L-litter: Puppies ar one week old
L-litter: Worry and entusiasm
The L-litter is born
The L-litter
X-ray: Misty expects many puppies
OES-weekend on Tåsinge
Scan: Misty expects small litter
Misty is pregnant
Misty is mated with Tino
Holidays in France with Misty and Maise
Maise at the Hillerød show
Magnus is 11 years old
Brushing-night in Rødovre
Smilla and Anton for the weekend
Maise in close contact with sheep.
Birtday-promenade for I- and K-litters
A weekend in February
Mud and snow in Herringløse
Foxy is danish-norwegian champion
Misty 6 years old

Christmas-tour in Copenhagen
Test of hearding-instinct on Turø
Testing our dogs on sheeps
Misty and Magnus on a gourmet restaurant
Holiday in Skagen
OES-weekend on Tåsinge
A hot July with lots of dog-activities.
Summerholiday in Italy and Provence
Konrad has a new family
Lunte and Maise on Special Show in Køge
Magnus 10 years old
Lunte's first cert/weekend on Tåsinge
Groomingnight in Rodovre
OES-club walk in the woods
Greetings from Foxy in Norway
Kevin on vacation
Winterdays in Herringlose

Christmasshow and walk in Copenhagen
Grooming and showtraining in Herringløse
Winnie's dogs have new homes
Autumn holiday in Skagen
Memorial cup for Winnie
We have lost Winnie
Centeneral celebration in USA
Show-debut for the K-litter
Dogs from four Blue Berry-litters had a nice weekend on Ærø.
K-litter pups met at BBQ night in Herringgløse
Misty tries herading real sheeps
Moonie home from vacaion on Ærø
Two weeks on full speed
Meggie lives no longer
Misty og Maise on vacation in Provence
National OES-day in Roskilde
K-litter: Puppyday in Herringløse
K-litter: New homes
K-litter: Eight weeks
K-litter: Seven weeks
K-litter: Six weeks
K-litter: New challenges
K-litter: Five weeks old
K-litter: Out in the open
K-litter: Four weeks old
K-litter: Yeah, yeah - we're still here!
K-litter is three weeks old
K-litter has the first, real meal
K-litter moved to another room
K-litter is 14 days old
K-litter: Starting to walk
K-litter: One week old
K-litter: Sunday in the whelping-box
K-litter: One day old
K-litter is born
I-litter 3 years old - going for a walk
Winter in Herringløse
Misty is pregnant
Misty is mated

Christmas-walk in Copenhagen and the OES-club show
OES-walks in Fredericia and Saltum
It's fall in the forest - with our own dogs
Vacation in Skagen + visit in Smilla's new home (+Anton)
News from Anton and Lunte (J-litter)
J-litter: Nine weeks old
J-litter: Eight weeks old
J-Litter: Seven weeks old
Tumle: Bad luck with a happy ending
J-litter: Six weeks old
J-litter: Five weeks old
J-litter: Four weeks old
J-litter: Three weeks old
J-litter: Two weeks old
J-litter: One week old
J-litter two days later
J-litter born
Misty is pregnant
Weekend with Victor and the familiy Falch on Ærø
Dusty is danish OES-champion in obedience
Meggie, Magnus, Moonie and Misty on holiday in Skagen.
Take a walk in Slagslunde Forest
Easter-walk in Geel's Forest
Walking the beach with Tumle
Two years birthday-trip for the I-litter
This is how we spent January!
Birtdaywalk for Meggie

Meggie is 10 yers old
Christmasshow and walk in Copenhagen
Me-Too has moved to Fredericia
Walking the woods in North Sealand
With Smilla on the beach
Perfect vacation in Skagen with OES-visit
Me-Too has moved into our house.
Blue ribbon in Sweden
DoggyDay in Tivoli garden
Late summers walk on the remparts og Fredericia
Two shows, OES-festival and dutch visitors
Barbeque-night in the woods.
Last agilityclass this summer
Samson - Bowie and Molly
Holiday in Provence with Moonie and Magnus
OES open show in our backyards
News from the four H-litter males
Weekend with Dusty, Fnuggi, Iris and Molly
Walking on the beach with our own dogs - in the spring
Misty gets her first certificate
Visiting Crufts 2003
Dusty - obedience-dog of the year 2002
International show in Fredericia - Charlie danish champion
I-litter puppies met their daddy
Tumle, Puppy Of The Year 2002
Our own dogs in the snow
Iris in the snow

Happy New Year from Kennel Blue Berry
Christmas-OES-walk in Roskilde
Puppymeeting - and news from Samson
Bobo and Tumle on a walk in the forest
I-litter Tumle in DKK-show in Herning
Autumn-holliday in Skagen
Visiting Nanna from the I-litter
Autumn-walk in Bistrup Hegn
Molly's first bathing-day
Me-Too gets first certificate and I-puppies have their show-debut
Dog-day in Tivoli Gardens
5 years birthday-celebration for the G-litter
Barbequenight - meeting Iris & Fnuggi
Pyppyclass - meeting Molly & Samson
Crossing the country to visit two I-litter puppies
Tobias on vacation - and Honey & Nicky came by
At the world dog show in Amsterdam
Puppyday in Herringløse
Magnus and Moonie on summerholiday in Provence
Puppyclass with Me-Too and four I-litter puppies
Me-Too best puppy on the Euroshow 2002
Last day with the whole litter
I-litter eyetested, mentaltested and for the first car-ride
Me-Too best baby puppy on Special Show
Puppies are nearly six weeks old
All puppies now have names and families
Saturday-morning puppy-snapshots
Puppies develop quickly (they are three weeks now)
Puppies 14 days old
Puppies in close-up
Puppies are one week old
Nice sunday together with the puppies
Puppies one by one
New litter has been born
Remembering Jean Gould
Alfa and Me-Too at Birtes birthday-party
Moonie is pregnant
Me-Too starting puppyclass
Misty and Me-Too playing
Me-Too meets Alfa

Around christmas
Me-Too has arrived
Misty on a swedish dogshow
Visit from England - and reunion with Bobo
Dog-massage in Herringløse
Nice but wet walk
Misty in odebience-test
Autum vacation in Skagen
Remembering Liv Backe
Misty's first show
Barbeque in the woods
Tobias on summer-vacation
Bobo and Misty 6 months
Going to Provence with Misty and Magnus
Springwalk in the woods
Misty 3 months
Dusty - once again best OES in obedience
Misty reunion with Bobo and a beachtrip
Misty in the snow
Misty - our new puppy
Visiting friends in England
Out in the snow
On the beach with Tobias
Latest news from Pooh
Silas to see us
From our own world

News from Tobias
Puppy-show in Sweden
Fall-walk with mud
Vacation in Skagen
OES-day in Fredericia
Birthday at Smilla's place
At Silas' place
Last agility this summer
Silas from Holland
Honey to see us
All doing some agility
OES-show in Sweden

Pooh, Pim & Fons
English & swedish visit
News from Samson & Tobias
Crufts, friends and OES
Pix for OES-magazine
Dusty - obedience-OES 99
Moonie makes movies
Smilla on Xmas show
Swedish match and show
Tobias on a boat-visit

Kennel Blue Berry mainsite
The puppy-site
Links and our guestbook