10 weeks have gone, since Maise delivered to vivid male-puppies.
Louis went to Fredericia in Jutland when he was eight weeks old, and Saturday it was time for Neo to go. His family asked us, if we could keep him two weeks longer. That would fit perfectly with their possibilities of having some weeks of.
For us it is very important that the new families have plenty of time to include their puppy. So of course we said yes to have Neo two weeks extra.
That also gave Maise an opportunity to downgrade her feelings a bit and get used to the fact that her boys had to go.
The two extra weeks gave Neo more self-confidence. Maise trained him to become a tough male dog able to solve any problem in the world!
But it turned out that we attached much more to him during the two weeks, even though our senses told us not to…
Saturday we drove to Ystad, Sweden. Cecilia, Erik and Evelina live here. They really looked forward to getting Neo home. With us in the car was Maise. We believe it matters to her, seeing where her boy is going to live.
We were offered lunch, got the paper work done and had time to talk about thinks in the house, that might be changed!
Plants that might be removed, wires to put away and a fence in front of the stairways.
So we said goodbye. It was not easy, but we know Neo will indeed be loved in his new family.
As a matter of fact we didn't get halfway home, before a message with picture ran in to our mobile phone telling us that Neo had a great time!
To the new families in Ystad and Fredericia: We wish you all the best luck with your two guys. For sure they will drive you nuts, they will demand lots of you but most of all will they give you some of the best moments in your life. Congratulations!
At home Alonso and Misty seemed happy that they should no longer take care of wild puppies.
Especially Alonso behaved like he had been looking forward to this day for a very long time!
Maise was more quite. No doubt that she missed her boys.
We did make ourselves a promise not to breed her again without having a puppy for her to keep. But unfortunately we didn't get the bitch puppy we could keep, so we had to break our promises.
But next time…
Neo saying hello to Erik. We brought Maise, so she could se, where his puppies should live.
Birte with Neo. The last evening.
Ready to go to Sweden.
Cecilia had Neo the moment we arrived.
Maise and Neo saying hello to Erik.
Evelina and Cecilia getting good advices from Birte.
We were offered lunch. Great!
Neo learning to pass two stairways.
Dog's bones and a fine time on the floor.
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Louis and Neo together as eight week old pups. The last day they spent together in our house. But we plan, that they should get together again, when Neo is ready to go to Denmark 1th of January, where the transportations-rules between Denmark and Sweden will be eased.