O-litter op on their feet


The two boys go through a huge development. The pups you saw in the morning have learned new tricks and gained new skills, when you meet them again in the afternoon.

Their eyes are open wide, and they can see, that we are in front of them in the room. They can also hear what's going on. As soon as we open the door to their room, they react.

They have begun playing, just a little. Bite after eachother and after us when we sit with them.They also bark a little bit!

The entire room is their's. We have removed the frontsite of the puppybox, so they can go where ever they please. The favorite spot is underneath the table, where there is much like a cave, because we have put blankets and sheets on the table.

Here's a little piece of video of the boys. You can see, that even though they are walking around, it takes some days before they are really steady!

If you can't see the clip, it's because you need to download a Quick Time plug-in. Get it here

The puppies 15th of August 2011