The two boys are growing fast to be little dogs.
Physically they are a bit to the heavier site. They are only two to drink all Maise's milk. But we know this will set off as soon as they begin running around more than now.
Their canine teeth are slowly appearing. The black-eared boy is the first to get 'sticks'!

Their senses are perfectly developed. They react when somebody enters their room. During nighttime they bark watchful when we open the door in the dark to let mum Maise in to feed them. During daytime they whine, when their mother enters the room.
Mostly they are very quiet. They sleep a lot, of course. But sometimes they wake up and sit and play or walk around to investigate the corners of their room.

Maise drops by once in a while. For long periods she lies in there with them, while the door stays open to the kitchen, where she can hear us working. She caresses them, cleans them and has begun expecting more from her boys: She teases them to play, but knows very well that they are only beginners. Education has started: She gives them milk once per visit. If they try again she growl at them and carefully puts her jaw around their noses, meaning: No, listen to what mother says!
They are easily trained and of course do, as Maise wants.

They are very much aware of each other. Sit and bite and growl. It won't be long until they begin fighting and playing around. They have to find their order of precedence.

Friends and puppy buyers have brought toys for the pups. A huge toy-ball was great. It needed to be tested and pushed around.
Many people have come to see the boys, and that's great. The pups seem very comfortable with strangers. A good sign for the future.
Mia, Lone and Poul-Erik Dyrvig from Fredericia are puppy buyers.
Erik and Cecilia Löfgren fraomYstad in Sweden are puppy buyers.
Jørgen's family visiting. Misty watching behind.
Susanne visiting. She owns Luffe from our N-litter.
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