It has been 11 years since Maise gave birth to her last, small litter.
It was an insemination we had been looking forward to. Father was CH Brinkley Sir Jonny and we had made an agreement to have semen sent over from England when the time came.
Unfortunately, there were only three puppies in the litter, and one of the three males was stillborn and blocked the others. So a caesarean section was required.
But the two puppies that came were, on the other hand, fantastically lovely - two cheeky and beautiful males, Neo and Louis.
Today, only Neo remains. He lives with Cecilia and Erik in Ystad, and Neo is the father of Snowy's litter - the Q litter. Nanna from the Q-litter is the mother of the R-litter, where we ourselves have Sidse. 
Cecilia and Erik have sent this little text on the occasion of Neo's 11th birthday:
"Neo is a playful and very social dog who loves to meet people and especially children. He is well and without ailments, and his favorite pastime is resting in his master's and mother's bed. He likes driving and walking on the beach and in the woods, but doesn't think it's fun with thunder or bangs of any kind. The birthday is celebrated with extra chicken chips and deer chews". 
From here, a big congratulations to Neo and his sweet family.
Without Neo, we would never have had the Sidse, which has made it possible to carry on Kennel Blue Berry with an S-litter.
Here are some of the new photos of Neo.
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