It was obvious, that for the two 4-week old pups the time had come, when they didn't want to stay in their room any longer. They were a bit restless and wanted to find out what happened on the other site of the barrier that blocked their way out of the room but made it possible for Maise to jump in.
So we invited them out to the kitchen, which is connected to their room.

They were very brave. A bit careful in the beginning, but when they found out that we sat on the floor and waited for them they found it safe and funny to go out there. They quickly ran around and studied every corner.

Maise then was let in and served them her milk. Then she rolled around on her back and wanted to play with them. It was obvious, that they all enjoyed getting much more space.

The pups also went for a short walk to our living room. But wooden-floors don't like dog's pee, so we prefer letting them be in the kitchen, which has quarry tiles.
If the rain should every stop pouring some day, we intend to get them out into the garden.

Apparently Maise has cut down her milk productivity. We actually wanted to start giving the pups other kinds of food than her milk, so it was a perfect opportunity to let go. They have soaked dog's food, some powdered milk to sweeten up the bitter taste of dry food and water. We also bring them minced meat once in a while.

The white headed boy started to eat the dry food right away while his brother was not so pleased about it and needed our help.
He still is not happy and prefers Maise's milk. But he is doing progress.
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