The two small gentlemen get more and more demanding.
The more we offer them, the more they want.

That's natural. It's great, and even if it may be hard, we really enjoy it!
They are out in the garden several times a day. Weather has been fine, so they are out there as much as possible. Guarded by Maise and us.

But that also means that they are not satisfied with the small yard next to the kitchen where they used to go. They want the garden.

Every day we take them for a ride in the car. At first only short rides, but now we drive further. Every time we end the tour letting them out in lead in a new place, where they can run around and use their noses and other senses.

The other day we also took Maise and Alonso out with the puppies. It was obvious that the two boys felt great being out for real walking with the pack.

Even if they get plenty of exercise, they really like food! So we have skipped the maize-gruel. Now they only get the soaked dry food. But we also supply cooked fish, minced meat or what ever we have in stock.

We have cooked some lamb bones. The grown up dogs got most of the meat from them, and the pups enjoyed eating the bones afterwards. Their teeth are growing, the bites are nice, but they need to use their teeth.

They fight with each other. Try their strength. But really enjoy being together. They react strongly to new sounds at the moment. But we support them and courage them, when new sounds appear. So they do really great.
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