The pups are five weeks old and weigh 4,3 kg.
They are good at house training; go to the door and whine, for us to let them out. They are not yet clean, but we do what we can to stimulate their native sense of cleanliness.

The last couple of days have been warm and dry. It has been a fine opportunity to open the garden door and let them get out on grass. Maise joined them every time, and she really loves having them out in the open.
She rolls around on her back, let them crawl on her and plays with her boys.
A road with much traffic passes close to our garden. But the noise from the engines doesn't seem to bother them very much.

Every day they are on the grooming table. Every day we take them for a car ride. They should learn slowly.

The family from Ystad, Sweden, was here Saturday, and they took their pup, Neo, for a short walk on the small road next to our house. We brought the other pup, Louis, as well.

The nights are fine. The boys sleep all night from the last meal at 10 p.m. to the first one at 6-7 a.m.
Maise still delivers milk. But she also tries to teach them not to drink, each time she is together with them. They don't quite agree with her!
We serve them soaked dry puppy food mixed with maize-gruel four times a day.

The pups develop really nice. They fight seriously one moment but nestle against each other the next moment, when they have stopped playing and need to rest. Their hunting instincts are slowly coming up. They carry teddy bears or find cloth that they can really shake!

Maise loves her pups. For long periods she lays down and caress them, train them to play and to understand doggies' language. Alonso and Misty say hello to the pups every day. But it doesn't make Maise happy. Especially she doesn't like Alonso to be together with them. We know that will change, but it takes some time.
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Cecilia with Neo, the name of the second born puppy.
Erik and Cecilia see how a puppy should learn to sit on a grooming table.
Neo on the grooming table.
For the first time the two pups are out on the road.
Neo meeting the world.
Louis, the name of the first born puppy.
Neo learning to go in the lead.
Cecilia and Erik took Neo for a short drive in their car.