Maise began her season the 14th of May, while we were on the Blue Berry weekend on Klinteborg.

We had made an agreement with Pamela Tomes, who own CH Brinkley Sir Jonny together with Kim Reeves, to have semen sent over from England, when it was time.

Blood tests were taken, and it seemed that the insemination should take place around Monday the 30th of May. But oddly enough it is not possible to send parcels from England in the weekend, and oddly enough it is neither possible to receive parcels in Denmark in the weekend. So we had to take the chance and get the semen sent over Thursday.

It arrived in splendid condition, and vet Birgitte Schjøth stated that there was indeed life in the cells!

We decided to inseminate first time Saturday evening. We know by experience that Maise has a very short period of time to be mated. So together with Birgitte Schjøth we did the second insemination Sunday.

Apparently a right decision; already Tuesday Maise and our male OES Alonso were able to be together in our home. Until then they had been separated.

The inseminations took place in Birgitte Schjøth’s clinic. Maise did not seem very pleased with the fact that our trip down there ended in the clinic and not in the garden of a sweet male dog!

Now we cross our fingers and hope for a good result.
We shall tell you more, when Maise gets scanned at the end of June.
Father: Barkshire's Born in the U.S.A. CH Barkshire's Secret Agent Shadow Box Boogywoogy Rhythm
Moptop's I Wanna Thank You
CH Barkshire's Moody Blues CH Bahlambs Barnyard Boss
CH Barkshire's Shameless
Mother: Brinkley Rosey Blue Lamacres Teddy CH Bobbington Latin Lover
Lamacres Golly Miss Molly
Brinkley Holly CH Lamedazottel Flamboyant
Brinkley Ballerina
Father: Ch. Dreamdancer's Ballentines CH Uno di Uno a.d. Elbe-Urstromtal CH Keep Smiling Willy From W.-Germany
CH Geminot a.d. Elbe-Urstromtal
CH Georgina vom Blütenparadis Eskimo From The White Heather
Clementine aus dem Rotmaintal
Mother: Lammorick Snow Flake CH Kerjalee Arnie Boy At Wildahar Kerjalee Joe Cool
Kerjalee Miss Moments
Lammorick Snow Storm Wookeymill Rollerboots
Rollingsea Lucinda
CH Brinkley Sir Jonny
Blue Berry's Kiss Of Snowflake
CH Brinkley Sir Jonny shown by Kim Reeves. On the show he was best in show under judge Barbara Müller.
Lisa and Birte holding Maise, while Birgitte Schjøth does the insemination. A camera displays on the wall-screen what is going on.
Kennel Blue Berry mainsite
Jonny 18 months old.