Two weeks have passed. The pups are doing fine in their room, where Maise drops in every second or third hour bringing lunch and her cleaning-material!

They both have eyes with the certain bluish glow. So are puppy-eyes. It takes some weeks untill we could tell the true colors.

They move around in the box but are no longer satisfied with the measured space; they want to get out! Especially the youngest pup is a true escape artist. He whines loudly while he is trying to climb the lowest site of the box.

Maise is also doing best feeding them outside the box, so it won't be long before we leave the entire room to the two youngsters.

They have become more social and aware of each other, Maise and us. They enjoy being carried and caressed. They don't stand solid on their legs yet. But it is a matter of days and practice. The curiosity is high. They want to discover the room and feel fine lying on the cooler floor. We want them to lay on the warmer blankets, so they won't catch a cold.
That's what we are discussion at the moment! Puppies tend to get what they want in the end, don't they….
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