This summer has been and still is soaking wet, so we can't just sit and wait for a bright, warm day to let the pups out.
In between the rain showers today we tried to let the boys out in the small yard next to our kitchen.
It was actually very easy. Their curiosity is big and the noise from the cars passing in a short distance didn't seem to affect them.
Having climbed down the small stairs leading to the yard, they immediately began looking around. Smelling the plants, biting them, se what is under the garden table and so on.
Maise also enjoyed having her boys outside. She lay down and made noise to make them come. They should learn to come, when mum calls. They climbed on her bag. She caressed them and played with them.
For a short period we had them out there, then took them into the warmth.
This we repeated a couple of hours later. The white headed puppy was clever and fond out that this new place is where pups should pee. Great! This is were the serious training begins. Each time the pups wake up or have been eating or playing: out in the yard and pee!
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