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Tiffany, Rumle, Nanna, Sidse, Leda and Sissi.
Vi mødtes ttraditionen tro på Hestetorvet foran Roskilde Station.
Leda bows for mummy Nanna - one knows his place!
Marianne withLeda and Lis with Sissi. Many came to meet our dogs.
Roskildegarden played loud, and not all of the dogs were happy with that.
The walking street in Roskilde was Christmas decorated.
Lone, Marianne and Lis with Leda and Sissi.
Per fgot his green cole for Lone and had the honnour of carrtying her handbag.
Outdoor restaurant served hot gløgg.
Leda wanted to jump up to her mum Marianne to see what was on the table.
Great time having warm gløgg.
Tiffany felt like hugging Bodil in the kitchen.
Packing game in Herringløse. L>ots of goodies for the dogs were in tha packages.
More kissdes to Bodil. Above it is Leda at the table and to the right it'øs Bodil with Sidse.
The covid-19 has left its mark on the year and set limits to who we could meet and how many, it was safe to be together.
Still, I thought it was worth trying to keep some of the good traditions that were created in Birte's days alive.

One of them is the annual Christmas trip.We have previously invited puppy buyers and dog friends to join the annual Blue Berry Christmas trip. We have gone for walks in Copenhagen, and in recent years we have gone to Roskilde and finished with lunch and package games at our home in Herringløse.

This year, the invitations were limited to the R-litter and to the R-litter's great-grandmother Toddis' people - Lis and Lars.
We met on Saturday 5th of December at Hestetorvet in Roskilde. Marianne and Leda came from Odense, Bodil and Einar came from Tåsinge with the R-litter's mother Nanna and Rumle. Lone and Per came from Farum with Sissi, and I came with Sidse and aunt Tiffany. Arne and Susanne with Wilbur and the litter's father Luffe unfortunately had to cancel at the last minute due to illness. Kit with Miley unfortunately did not have the opportunity to come.

It's been a year since most of the puppies have seen each other. So, there was just some ranking which should be in place.But otherwise, it went in a nice OES parade along the pedestrian street in Roskilde.
Here was time to talk to many people who wanted to know what a wonderful breed it was and who were going to pat.Roskildegarden walked back and forth on the pedestrian street, and the loud sound of drums was just legally harsh for some of the dogs.
So there had to be support and praise and handing out treats to the dogs.We paused at Stændertorvet, where there was a Saturday market, and where we found an outdoor place that served gløgg.

After the trip we went home to Herringløse, where we had Christmas lunch together and ended with a package game.It was a wonderful day.

Thank you, everyone who helped keeping alive one of Birte's wonderful traditions.I hope that next year we will have the opportunity to hold the trip with more participants. And without the risk of covid-19 disease!