October last year Louis and Neo were together for the last time in our home as brothers in the tiny O-litter.
Louis moved to Fredericia in Jutland, and Neo to Ystad in Sweden.
Then we made an agreement, that the two puppies should meet again, when the transportations-rules between Denmark and Sweden eased 1th of January.
We looked very much forward to the 22nd of January. The day for the reunion in the O-litters old home, in Herringløse.
Lone and Poul-Erik Dyrvig came with Louis from Fredericia, and Cecilia and Erik Löfgren came with Neo from Ystad. After a few seconds the two boys were very well aware of the fact that they were litter brothers and in family.
They played tough, like only littermates do. They fondled each other and bite after each other, and really enjoyed each other's company.
However they had to meet their old family first. Mother Maise quickly told them, that they indeed were handsome, but laced manners. Grandmother Misty helped to raise the boys! Alonso was quiet and behaved like the leader male should. Soon the two boys were adapted to the family and everything was peace and quiet.
After lunch we took the dogs for a walk in the snow. The two brothers raced around in the fields outside our house. They really enjoyed it, and the rest of us enjoyed watching their happy reunion.
And we also enjoyed seeing how beautifully they have developed. Beautiful boys!
By the end of the day we made an agreement that this should not be the last time the two males and their families stick together.
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Maise had to make Louis fit into the old family.
No problem...he sure is a nice boy, that does what mommy says.....
Maise, Alonso, Neo an Louis.
Neo says hello to Alonso.
Alonso and Neo.
Cecilia with Neo.
None of ythe puppies liked to have the hair removed from inside the ears.
Nice boy!
We went for a walk in the fields outside our house. It started to snow - and the dogs liked it very much.
Louis and Neo together again.