Sidse (Blue Berry's Remembering Snow Flake) has been mated to Dortemarie og Torbens (Sound Solution) Will (MultiCH Brinkley Will I Am).
Today we went to the vet to get Sidse scanned. At Buddinge Dyreklink vet Malene Sparsø found 5-6 puppies, and there may be a couple more. The birth is due to the first week of March.
Fingers crossed!

Since it is the first time Sidse has been mated, it has been important, that everything was so relaxed and nice to her as possible. Torben and Dortemarie totally agreed in that, and they insisted that the mating should take place in our home and our surroundings.
We met early in relation to Sidse's expected time of mating, so the two dogs could get to know each other and start quietly.
The visits were repeated until the time of mating.
It has been a fantastic process. It has been perfect for Sidse to get a gentle start, and it has been instructive for us to observe the two dogs' reactions. It is rare to have the opportunity to follow that.
On top of that, it was a good experience for the dogs, and that is definitely the most important thing.
It turned into two good matings.
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Sidse and Will met several times in our garden before the mating. They obviouly liked eachother!
Will is a handsome and very nice dog. Multichampion. Two pictures of him in the show ring with Torben and Dortemarie.