L-litter: 9 weeks - goodbye to the last ones
L-litter: 8 weeks - goodbye to the six of them

L-litter: Visiting the vet

L-litter: 7 weeks old - huggin'time

L-litter: Doing the garden walk

L-litter: In lead and human hands

L-litter: 6 weeks old - the puppies one by one

L-litter: Out on the lawn

L-litter: 5 weeks old

L-litter: Out in the yard

L-litter: 4 weeks old

L-litter: Lots of life in the puppyroom

L-litter: 3 weeks old

L-litter: Get their first real meal
L-litter: 2 weeks old
L-litter: Eyes approaching and they start to walk
L-litter: Puppies ar one week old
L-litter: Worry and entusiasm
The L-litter is born
X-ray: Misty expects many puppies
Scan: Misty expects small litter
Misty is mated with Tino

Pedigree Misty and Tino
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