The litter is one week old and have nearly doubled their weight of birth. Their pigmentation on the noses is coming nicely, and they behave calm and peaceful.
Misty's fever is sinking, so we hope she has recovered from the birth. She is a dream of a mother. Is geginning to finde out, that it's OK to stay out of the puppy case or the bedroom with the rest of the pack now and then. The moment she comes and stares at us, we slip her in to her babies.
Erlier one we promised photos of the puppies one by one in the order they were born. So here they are!
The second page is simply a handfull of photos of the litter right now.

Male 1
Male 2
Bitch 1
Bitch 2
Male 3
Male 4
Bitch 3
Male 5
Bitch 4
Pictures of the litter
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