Misty has been mated for the third time. This time with Torben and Dortemarie's wonderfull, young dog, Tino (Sound Solution Ground Control).
We met the 14th of July on a lawn in Ballerup (close to where we live), and it was obvious they liked eachother. They jumped around and played and after quarter of an hour the mating succeded. We met again the next day, and mated with succes once more.
So now, all we can do is cross our fingers and wait. If everything goes well, there will be puppies in September.
This was Tino's first mating - so it was nice, it all went so smooth. Misty has two litters allready, our J-litter and our K-litter.
On the pictures it is Tino to the left, while Misty is eager to play. Use these links to see Tino and Misty in showrings.
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