Maise loves to cosset the puppies, and also likes to show them how to dig the weeds! On the other hand the pups like to crawl in her coat. We have entered Maise to the christmasshow, where lots of coat is expected. So we'll have to see about that....
People came to see the pups in the weekend. The coming owners had their pups on the groomingtable, took them for a walk on our road and some took their puppy for a ride in the car. Not all puppyowners were able to come, so we took their pups out for a walk with lead and collar.
Monday rain pured down. So the pups refused to go out! The housetraining - that we were very proud of - got a real punchback. But the next day sun was shining again, and they went into the garden. It seemed that they found the rythm again.
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