The puppies are beginning to like the puppyfood. The soaked food gets down easily and we can see it on the weighing we do every morning. Some days they gained nearly 200 grams a day. On the other hand they move around much more now.
Therefore we have taken off the one site of the puppy case, so now they can be in the entire room. We have placed pet beds on papers on the floor, so it's warm to lay on. They lay down separately or in small groups in the small corners of the room.
They have become more aware of each other and play and fight. But they have also become more aware of us. It is possible to start a little ply and make them beat with the paw.
And so they come running, as soon as we enter the room. If we don't give them food, they'll lay down close to you to get a hug!
The teeth are slowly appearing. Soon it'll be time for biting and shaking each other, their toy - and our hands!
Many coming puppybuyers have been to see us and the pups. It has been fine for the socialising of the puppies. The bitches are close to being divided in to the four families. As we see it, everybody will get the bitchpuppy they wanted. Everybody have chosen different bitches!
The male-families have not all had the change to see us yet. Some live far from us and they'll come to see us next week. Some of them who have been here, have already pointed out their favourites. We are sure, that everybody will get the puppy they want in the end.
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