A beautiful autumn-sun was shining as we decided to let the puppies out on the lawn. Misty and Maise joined the pups, to keep everything in order.
They soon got used to the infinite amount of space. So they started playing, chewing plants, chasing each other, fighting a little and having a good time with mum Misty and halfsis’ Maise.
They could have spent the half day out there, but we took them in, before they got too cold. Even though the sun was shining, temperature was only 47 degrees.
Last time we told you, that the litter is very low in dominance. That was then! Now they have begun dominating each other and fight some more. But still in a decent voice!
Since teeth are soon in place, we have started offering them different sorts of food: rice gruel with minced meat, cod roe and soaked but not so finely blended dry food.
They eat very well, so we consider cutting down the number of daily meals. Otherwise they might get too heavy too soon.
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