Five bitches and five males. That is the Kennel Blue Berry L-litter.
Misty gave birth to the litter on September the 14th. The first puppies were born shortly after midnight, and the last in the afternoon.
The birth was not without complications. The first five puppies were born, right by the book, but number six simply wouldn't get out. He was stock, and even though Misty tried very hard to press him out, she did not succed. So we made arrangements with Helle Christophersen in Albertslund Vet, to take Misty and the five puppies to the clinic. We had anticipated a Caesarian section, but Helle said: "Let's see if the pups can be born in normal way".
With medicin, that promotes the labour pains, Helle's enormous patience and expertise, and Misty's power, we succeded getting the last puppies into this world. It was tough for Misty - and for the rest of us!
In the afternoon we drowe homewards. Happy that Misty did not get Caeisarian, and overwhelmeth by the kind treatment we got at Albertslund Vet.
Right now peace rules the puppybox in our bedroom. Misty is very tired, but obviously enjoys her new role as a mother.
We have to get the litter weighed, taken notes and pictures of the puppies. But they need peace at this moment. So that must wait untill tomorry.
After a heavy birth Misty relaxes with her 10 puppies..
There is a milk-place to everyone, but from the beginning they want the best place.
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