Six weeks have past, since the litter was born. It feels like they have always been here, and on the other hand time has slipped away too fast. Today they run around like small dogs with lots of zest for life and with the natural mistrust to new things, which is vital for a pack of puppies according to the laws of nature. In two weeks they must go out to new homes, to make their own lives. Today they don't care. They run around playing. Finding their places in the group, becoming part of the social community. We pulled them out of it all. Placed them on the groomingtable for you to watch them one by one. And to show you their names.
Blue Berry's Little Miss Snowflake. Called Toddi. Bicth.
Blue Berry's Light Of Dawn. Called Luna. Bicth.
Blue Berry's Lady Madonna. Called Inca. Bicth.
Blue Berry's Learning To Fly. Called Molly. Bicth.
Blue Berry's Looking For Changes. Called Valde. Male.
Blue Berry's Little Big Feet. Called Louis. Male.
Blue Berry's Love Of My Life. Called Alonso. Male.
Blue Berry's Love Me Tender. Called Lukas. Male.
Blue Berry's Lucky Ludvig. Called Ludvig. Male.
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