Things go fast. The other day the pups were not too happy to get out of their room, when we opened the door to the kitchen. To day they scream, if we don’t let them out! They have discovered the world is bigger than they thought..
Yesterday we tried to get them out into the open. We have a small enclosed yard, where they can walk around, while Misty is in control with the situation. A couple of the bravest went.
Today they run straight out there, after they have eaten our food or Misty’s milk. It won’t be long, before we can make them understand that peeing is what you do outside the house.
Of course it will take some months to finish the house training, but we intend to spend the last three weeks we have the litter to teach them good manners.
We have had lots of visits. Kids and grown ups, family, friends and upcoming puppyowners have come by our house. It’s good for the pups, and they seem very faithfull and glad to be touched by humans.
They play most of the time, but rank order is slowly developing. Suppose you are going to hear more about that soon.
Their food is still soaked, blended dryfood, puppymilk and yoghurt. But favourite is still Misty’s milkbar!
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