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More about the L-litter
The litter was four weeks yesterday, and all of a sudden they all had turned very stable on their small legs. The days before they all seemed a bit insecure, but that disappeared over night. They run around like half-big puppies, play with each other, growl and bark.

During the last couple of days we let the door to the puppyroom stay open a lot of the time. A board on the floor prevented them to run into the kitchen. So they have gotten used to many daily sound; radio, TV, hoovering, blending machine, coffegrinder, noises from plates and pots etc.
They slept from it all and seem very sturdy. We also enjoyed, that they seem to be very sensible in their room. They don’t scream or bark very much. But of course they were not happy, if Misty didn’t give them the food, they wanted!

Misty doesn’t like to lie down feeding them any longer. She prefers to stand or sit, and so its up to the small ones to hang on. Their teeth have grown a lot, so it is understandable, if Misty sometimes says no.
Las night Misty started educating the pups. She wanted to stay in their room, but didn’t want them to eat from her. She growled and barked heavily, when they tried. Teaching them, it was OK for them to stay close to her, but they were not supposed to drink, before she gave the permission. Leadershiptraining, lesson1!

This morning we let the puppies out of their room for the first time. Some were brave, and thought this was exciting, while others squeaked and stayed in their room. We will continue to let them out in order to make them feel secure and understand that the world does not end at the door to the puppyroom.

Next step will be letting them out in the open, to make them run out and pee as soon as the awake. Suppose it will last a week or so until we can do that. This way we do house training with the puppies.