Everything develops. Something very fast - suddenly one morning they were running around in the case, as mum Misty appeared in the door. They didn't do that, when they went to bed! But security on four legs - that takes time.
It also takes time to get the eyes fully open and to get the noses and ears to function perfectly. The abilities to bark and growl are fine indeed. They complain, if Misty doesn't lay down fast enough, so they can have their milk. Suppose it won't be long, untill we try to feed them ourselves. It will be some mess, just wait and see, in forthcoming updates.
This weekend we move the pups to their separate room in the house. This will give us people and the other dogs in the house some more normal nights. Misty already sleeps just outside the bedroom, where the pups have been untill now. She prefers to lay on the cool tiles away from the puppyroom which is heated to keep the small ones well.
We have allowed people to come and see the pups this weekend. There is not so much going on right now. The pups sleep, when Misty isn't feeding them. But so the puppy-buyers can sit and spot out their favorite puppy; fall in love in markings and the behaviour of the puppies. The final selection won't take part until the puppies are some weeks older. We need a secure observation of each puppy's behaviour first. So, have patience, we tell people!
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