The first days after puppies are born are always filled with mixed emotions - entusiasm and worry. Even though everything apears to be in total order, one cannot let go the feeling, that the limit between life and death is so short - for tiny creatures weighing only about 400 grams.

Sunday we had to reduce the litter to four bitches and five males. The small bitch, who caused the birth-troubles, didn't do well at all.
Since then things have only gotten better, and now it seems there is peace in the puppy case. Misty's fever after the rough birth is descending, and today, Tuesday, it seems she is doing much better.

She enjoys her nine puppies og takes perfectly care of them. The first days she rested in the case all the time, but now she has begun leaving the case and even the bedroom where they all are. She has been out for walks with the rest of our dogs, and she really liked that.

In the beginning the puppies had to learn, that it takes sucking and boxing to get milk from their mum. Some of them found that too tough, and prefered to sleep, while others drank a lot. So we decided to give them some few rounds of puppy-milk. That made them all start to eat very well.
Today they have all put on weight, so we can start relax and enjoy Misty an her small ones.
When they suck, you can see when Misty is laying down her milk, for then all their small tales are waving happilly.

Thanks for all the kind greetings we have receiwed on the occasion of the L-litter birth.

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