Personality develops while the senses are getting sharper. Some of the pups are eager frontrunner, who cannot get enough of experiences, while others are more careful and take only one step at a time, and again there are others who are more phlegmatic – they are sure enough that they’ll make it all in due time. If not today, then tomorrow. One has to get his sleep first!
Of course the pups fight a bit. But they seem much more restrained than we have seen before in our litters. The rank order is not significant yet. Maybe this will change in the time to come. Maybe not at all. Imagine a litter where everybody is nice and easy to get on with.
The hunting-plays are coming up. They chase each other or run around with a “hunting prey” (which could be a teddy) in their mouths, proudly guarding it towards the others.
They have almost occupied our kitchen. They don’t feel like being in the old puppy-room, and they scream loudly when they are put in there because we have to clean the kitchen-floor.
House training is getting better. They have a natural feeling to get out in to the yard to do their duty. The other day one small bitch even put her paw on the front-door to get out there. That’s something!
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