There has been lots of changes during the last couple of days. The puppies have gained weight, and the biggets ones weigh now more than 1 kg.
The eyes are slowly coming. First they were small cracks, now they are mini-eyes. Colour you couldn't tell untill they are about three weeks.
They are getting on their feet. Crawling has turned to walking, but somewhat unstable! On the other hand, they do so well, that it's hard for Misty to follow them around the puppy case. So when she's coming up to nurse, we hold the pups, to avoid her laying on them. Her recent idea is lying down outside the case, and then we can handle her the pups! It's OK, only not four times every night!
Their sense of smell is getting better. They know precisely, when Misty-mum enters the room.
So apparently it won't be long, untill we move the puppies from our bedroom to their own room.

Below is a handfull of pictures taken yesterday and today. Notice the small eyes and the attempt to walk!
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