"Congratulations!" was the short but wonderful expression from vet Helle Christopheren, Albertslund Dyreklinik, shortly after we had placed Maise on the scan-table. On the blue monitor apeared the first 'eg' - that contents a puppy.
The scan showed that Maise is pregnant. How many puppies she expects is not able to see. But on one of the scans we saw three puppies, so we expect a fair litter to come.
We already have told the good news to the puppy buyers. They were all very happy.
Now, all we have to do is to be patient and wait for the birth to start at the end of August.
Maise is mated with Tino
Maise on her back. Birte holding, while vet Helle Christophersen is scanning. Both watching the result on the blue monitor.
This might look rough, but Maise was calm, since shes has tried it before.
On this picture of the monitor you can see one puppy in the round eg.
On this picture there are two puppies.
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