Maise is pregnant. We had her scanned Friday at Albertslund Veterinary Clinic, and it took only few seconds before vet Helle Christoffersen was able to congratulate us with the happy event. We saw clear markings of at least four-five puppies, and experience shows that the precise amount is difficult to tell at this early stage. There may be more.

We have been quite sure about Maise being pregnant ourselves. Her look just after the mating clearly told us: Puppies! Ever since she has changed behaviour. She has become more soft, she has seek more contacts to us and has been more considerate to Alonso. During the last week she furthermore has lost her appetite, and this is straight by the book.
But to see the small embryos appear on the vet's scanner-screen is really a relief.

Maise is mated with Alex from Sweden.
See him, pictures from the Swedish visit and the pedigrees here.

Vet Helle Christoffersen is scanning, while Birte holds Maise to make her stay totally quiet.
Two screen shots. The round eggs are puppies.
Kennel Blue Berry mainsite