Sunday and Monday our Maise (Blue Berry’s Kiss Of Snowflake) has been mated with Tino (MultiCH Sound Solution Ground Control).
We met with Torben in a nice and quiet place in Ballerup, close to where we live. Both Maise and Tino fancied each other. First they played a little, and then they mated – just by the book.
The mating was repeated Monday on a narrow road in Herringløse. The mating was super. Only issue was, we had to stop a car that should pass by. It was not possible, because Maise and Tino were standing in the middle of the road, and they were not possible to move! The driver got mad, but the mating was perfect. So what the hell!
Now, all we have to do is wait three-four weeks, so we can have Maise scanned. Hopefully the mating will bring us a litter of lovely puppies due to be born about the 29th of August.
We have already used Tino on our Misty, Maise’s mother. The result was Kennel Blue Berry’s L-litter.
Maise is mother to our M-litter.

So we expect a litter of really beautiful puppies, sound and with a perfect temperament.
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