Kennel Blue Berry is a small hobby-breed of Old English Sheepdogs.
The goal is to produce loveable, sociable and beautiful dogs. Just after birth our puppies are in close contact with human beeings and the other dogs of our house. They experience an ordinary life, and we do our best to make the puppies prepared for the life they can expect, as they leave the nest.We are showing our own dogs (moderately) but also have great pleasure of doing obedience-training, agility, walks in the forest and on the beach and other social activities.
Our own dogs are a close part of the family. They take part in nearly everything we do. We attach importance of fullfilling the needs of each dog seperately.
Birte Fromberg started the kennel in 1979 and named it Kennel Blue Berry. It began with the two bitches: Krøjerup's Emilie (Mille) and Danish Delight Blue Berry (Bluby).

1981 we imported from Jean Gould in England, Rollingsea Admiral Keegan (Keegan), who became danish champion and father to several litters.
In 1982 we imported from Holland, Tuckles Blueberry Fame (Fame) to the kennel.

Same year Birte's daughter, Lene, became co-owner of the kennel. This ownership sooner was taken over by Jørgen Brieghel,who by the way had his first OES in Kennel Blue Berry in 1985.
It was the bitch called Blue Berry's Daisycutter (Sasha). She was from the litter, that
Keegan and Fame had.

From that very litter was also Blue Berry's Daddy's Darling (Dina). She became the first homemade Kennel Blue Berry champion.

In 1986 we had another import: Symphony's Somebody To Love (Paddy) who was bred in Norway.

Later on came many wonderful dogs. All of whom have changed our life and given us so many memorable moments.
Read more about the dogs we once had and the dogs we have today.
Fame came in 1982.
Bluby and Mille were the first BlueBerry-dogs.
Winnerteam at the Hillerød-show in 1985:
Old Fashion Thankfull To Keegan (Panda) was CK winner and best OES bitch.
CH Rollingsea Admiral Keegan (Keegan) was best of breed og best in show. Blue Berry's Daddy's Darling (Dina) was best baby puppy at the show. Keegan is the father of Dina and Panda.
Paddy was a norwegian import baed on Rollingsea-lines from Jean Gold in England. Paddy was father to Meggie,who gave birth to two litters.
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