It was a chok when we were told that Winnie Klarlund had passed away the 22nd of September - much too early.
We knew that she was involved in a serious horse-fell one and a half month earlier, and that she had a serious concussion of the brain as well as a complicated break of the ankle. But after a month on hospital she was back home, and when I visited her the 14th of September, just before my trip to the USA, she was so happy and had a bright view of the future.
And all of a sudden - it is all over.
The first time I met Winnie was way back in 1977. We both join an obedience-course held by Jette Bagger in the OES-club. Since we had both ordered puppies from the same litter, we had something in common. This interest we kept all through the years.
We travelled to Crufts in London and went to shows in Oslo. We imported puppies from the same kennels abroad. Breeding was the main, common interest. But also working with the dogs made our bells ring; obedience, mental testing, hearding or simply a walk in the forests.
We have follow eachothers litters, used eachothers dogs, joined several dog-activities and shared good or bad times with our families.
And all of a sudden - it is all over.
Winnie will leave a huge whole in our life.
Our thoughts go to her familie, which ment a lot to her.
While Winnie was ill, we promissed to help with contacting and getting along with "her puppies".
Of course we shall do this in the time to come.
Birte Fromberg
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