Memorial cup for Winnie Klarlund.

It was a beautiful and moving funeral for Winnie. Afterwards some of us talked about establishing a memorial cup for her.

The cup shall be present on the Christmas-show to the best danish-breed OES between nine months and two years of age. (The owner should be a member of the Danish OES-club).
After 10 years the cup is given to keep for good to the breeder who has won it most.

If the collection to the cup brings more money than the pricse of the cup itself, a relevant present will be bought and given to each year's winner.

For many years Winnie wanted so much to be able to by herself the figurine: ”My Chair”, and I promissed to buy it for her, as soon as she had the money!
My proposal is, that we give it to her now. With a little luck it should be possible to get it soon enough for this years Christmas-show.

If you would like to participate in this special memorial cup, let me know as soon as possible, and no sooner than the 1th of November 2005. Please send me an email or give me a call (+45 46 76 93 06).
You should pay 50 danish kroner per person, then your name will be on the list of the participaters.

Kind regards
Birte Fromberg
Kennel Blue Berry

"My Chair" - the small figurine from England is going to be a memorial cup for Winnie Klarlund.
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