It was the fourth time that Herdis and I went to USA to visit their National Specialty.
The show was placed outside Milwaukee, so we decided to stay some days in Chicago before going to Milwaukee.
Chicago was worth visiting.
We bring some photos from two of the days. The photos from the third day have disappeared. It was the day we went by boat from Union Station to Navy Pier, and saw all the skyscrapers, and went back on The Michigan Lake to Campus Museum.
Millenium Park.
The colourful skyscrapes of Chicago
Cloud Gate or "The bean" is a fashioned work of art in the mittel of Millenium Park.
From Millenium Park you can walk on a bridge to The Art Institute of Chicago, who has the biggest collection of French Impressionists - we were really impressed.
Another Chicago specialty is their trains working in the high of first floor. The stations are placed from one side of the street to another. This is Randolph St. with a nice decoration.
On Tuesday we went up to the Show Ground
Tuesday evening there was "Top Twenty", where 20 of the most winning dogs are invited. Three judges are judging the dogs and all are dressed in
evening dress.
The real show is many different shows, agility, obedience and then the main show, judged by Ray Wilkinson from England.
There were a lot of lovely dogs with super movements.
Many years ago we had a dog named Paddy (Symphnoy's Somebody to Love). His father was Ch Likeabear Attention Please, and his frozen semen was used to litters in both USA and Canada, and it was interesting to see if we could recognize something in his puppies.
Jane Collen came with 2 of the 3 puppies 8 month old (see pictures belov).
The dog puppy: Barkshire´s Foreign Intrique
The bitch puppy: Barkshire´s Foreign Flair
From the Canadian litter were: Valubal Tumbleweed Histori, Ch Tumbleweed´s Valubal Amadeus and Tumbleweed´s Valubal Likeabear (Elisa). This is Elisa just before entering the ring with handler Lindsey.
The USA standard accepts white spots. Ch. Blue Demin Optical Illusion is nearly white on left side, but he has a super type and moved really well.
The dogs were divided in many classes, and before all the champions came into the ring best bitch and best dog was found.
Then 50 champions came into the ring - what a sight!
Winner of all was best bitch Qubic´s Arabella 1238 and best dog Ch. Wynward´s Remember That.
Sorry that I have missed some photos, but o the show I got the sad message that we have lost our Misty.
In many of the classes I agreed with Ray Wilkinson, but my favourit to best dog was Ch Barkshire´s Jim Dandy (left) and best bitch was Ch Masqurade Mint Julip
On this show many other things were going on. There was a Resque Parade, where the dogs' story was told (upper left).
In a corner blood test for DNA was taken.
There were a lot of stands in the hall with OES things, but the stand caused most interest, was a stand with all what you could think about with or about OES. A woman has collected items with OES all her life, now she was dead and her husband has given all her things to be sold, and the money given to a human institution. It was really "a land of milk and honey "
At the dinner in the evening Jane Collen and her daughter Lisa kennel Barkshire was honored for having most dogs at Top Twenty in the 15 years, it has been hold.
Now it was time to say goodbye. I got a lift to O´hara airport while Herdis went home with Diane.Diane, Nicole, Barbera, Joy and Herdis in front of Barbera´s well packed car.
"Where there is room in the heart there is room in the car "
Thanks to Barbera and Pat for driving us round, and thanks also thanks to Diane, Pam, Lindsey and our new friends from Australia Nicole and Joy for a lot of happy hours at the show days in Milwaukee.
Also thanks to Herdis for one more great trip over there.
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