Congratulations to our P-litter who is 5 years old today
The P-litter is special, since their mother, Blue Berry’s Little Miss Snowflake (Toddi) lives with Lis and Lars Bo in Hvalsø. This is also where the P-litter was born and where they lived the first eight weeks of their lives. Only Nuller stayed, and the others moved to their new homes.
Through the years we have been together with the ‘puppies’, had mails and photos and thereby been able to follow them grow up. Furthermore we ourselves have one of the pups, Snowy, from the litter.
We have asked each of the families to send a picture and a short story about each dog. This is what we got:
Lis and Lars Bo in Hvalsø write: Nuller is doing fine and guards/keeps track of everyone in and around the house. Neighbors, pheasants and what else will go past our house is being controlled by her, just for the record. Otherwise, she sleeps soundly on her back on the sofa and is enjoying life
Katty and Peer from Gerlev write: Here comes a summer picture of Skipper.
He thrives and is a great joy for everyone in the family - it's hard to understand that he is 5 years.
Here are two pictures of Teddy. he lives with Søs and Christian and Bilbo from our Q-litter in Søborg.
Anne from Odense writes:
Jake is still very slim but he is in good shape and he loves to take long walks in the woods.
We have done agility and tried to herd sheep and he is good at both. He's still a big "kid" and if there is not just anyone who cares to play with him, he simply picks up an empty cardboard box or an empty plastic soda bottle and plays with it.
Jake is very obedient and can easily run free in the woods, and he is very friendly to other dogs. If there is another dog barking or growling at him, they get just a bark to go with, as if he says: “Oh…stop, I’m not dangerous.”
Gerda and Hein from Amsterdam write: Roover lives together with 2 lady dogs, a very active German Shorthair and a mix Collie-Setter that we found in France.
From the moment we picked him up as a puppy, he traveled a lot with us by car and seen much of the world. First to Amsterdam where we live and to France where we have a second house in the Pyrenees. Then at 6 month an off-road trip through Poland, Litouwen, Latvia, Estonia, St.Petersburg, Northern Russia, the North Cape of Europa and back via Sweden. Also he made a roundtrip of 2 month with us through South America. Once he sees our suitcases, he stands tail swaying near the car.
Especially the last year we are very active with sheepherding and recently Roover has obtained the basic test sheepherding Traditional Style.
Anette and Ethan from Sjællands Odde write: Nikki is a big beautiful dog today and it's been a great journey for us to get such a big dog. There is always much love for your dog.
Nikki is just as very happy dog and that affects everyone around him. He thrives partly in his own company and with some individual dogs.
For us it has just changed so much to have him in our lives and we are grateful for that today.
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Birte and Jørgen from Herringløse (Kennel Blue Berry) write: Snowy is a replica of her grandmother Misty. She is sweet and affectionate but stubborn.
She likes to do dog-shows and do obedience - but when she's done it once or during one term, she stops, won't go any further and leaves the rest up to us!
She is the mother of our Q-litter with Nanna looking like her mother and grandmother to the point.
Big thanks to Lis and Lars Bo who gave us the opportunity to have beautiful Snowy.
We hope that you will all have many fine years to come and hope to be able to follow you in your lives.
Lots of love from us in Herringløse
Auntie Maise, uncle Alonso, sister Snowy, Tiffany and Birte & Jørgen

PS: We know that Lis and Lars Bo have sent a small birthday-package to you all.