The O-litter was not big. The 29th of July the birth was over, and the result was two wonderful males, Neo and Louis. Mother to the litter was Maise, and she was inseminated with CH Brinkley Sir Johnny from England.
Since a (third) stillborn puppy blocked the birth canal, a caesarean was needed.
It has been five years since those dramatic events. But today these beautiful male dogs can celebrate their birthdays in Ystad, Sweden, and in Middelfart – or actually on Langeland, where Louis is on vacation.
We have had pictures from the family in Ystad and from Poul-Erik and Karina.
Louis is on holiday with Poul-Erik and Karina for the moment. It is by boat, and they have anchered in Rudkøbing on Langeland, where there is a music festival these days. Many people pass by to say hello, and cuddle Louis, Poul-Erik tells.

Neo's family have written this:
Today our family member is five years old and it is amazing how quickly the time passed. It feels just like last week when Jørgen and Birte with Maise, handed over Neo to us in our home. It was a curious and loving little fellow we got home that day and he is really one of a kind.
Neo is a proud and handsome OES who takes his place and would like to be the center of everything that happens. He loves to lie on the floor when the family is together, then he can keep track of us with one eye open while he rests. Another favorite place is the kitchen because the math sometimes offers a taste or two. Cozy up on the couch is also a treat!
When guests come to visit Neo goes "all in" the first ten minutes, then he calms himself down. It has also happened that he thought that guests stayed too long in the evening, and then it was apparently ok to bark a bit until they went home ...
Neo likes lazy days with the family together, preferably with “Midsomer Murders” on TV. To walk in new places, vanilla ice cream with whipped cream, bite your socks when no one cares about him, Öland and good-looking females!
Neo does not like thunder, cars with trailers, vacuum cleaners, or when dogs are barking on the TV.
We are pleased to have Neo and by our own admission, he has a fine life with us!
A big thanks to Jørgen and Birte for all the tips and advices, and also all the nice moments we have had together. An extra greeting to Neos children, take care and don’t play too little!

Erik, Ia, Evelina og Neo
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