Congratulations to Neo and Louis with their 1-year birthday today the 29th of July.
Neo (Blue Berry's One Of A Kind) and Louis (Blue Berry's Out Of The Blue) was the result of an insemination between CH Brinkley Sir Johnny and our Maise.

The two brothers are doing fine and have grown to be big and handsome.

Louis lives in Fredericia, Jutland, with Lone and Poul-Erik. From the beginning there was also Me-Too in the family to raise him and be spare mother.
Me-Too died of age in February and Louis has been single dog since then, and he does great.
His family likes to sail the seas and Louis is always on board and really enjoys it.

Neo lives in Ystad, Sweden, with Cecilia and Erik. Neo is Erik's first dog and he is really the center of the family life there. We managed to get the family and Neo to come to a dog-show in Ballerup, and Neo really was a success. So it shouldn't surprise us to see Neo in yet another show or two.

We are looking forward following the development of the two O-litter pups in the years to come, wish them both a great birthday and a happy life.
Louis was born ordinary, while Neo was taken by Caesarian. Here they both are after the birth at Taastrup Vet Clinic .
Neo and Louis eight weeks old. This is the last day together at our place.
In January the big boys met again in Herringløse.
To the left it is Louis on board the family-boat, and below is Neo - think he stole a shoe!
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