It had to come. The day, we had to say goodbye to the ten wonderful puppies.
But until then, we were busy as usual.
Friday Helle Mulvad came to mental test the puppies. We want to get a mental description on each puppy. That is a tool for the puppy buyers, to create the best life for their new dog. It also helps us as breeders, to get a picture of what sort of puppies we have made as a result of the specific male-female combination. We could use that in breeding in the future.
Helle did the test, which she has done a couple of times before. Read more about it by clicking this link.

Overall the N-litter is fine family dogs, she said. They are not very dominating and are average curious. They are not easily frightened, and they take good contact to humans.
We are very satisfied with the test. The puppies tend to be easier than usual, as far as we could judge.
Friday evening we took pictures of the puppies showing them together for the last time. There is always a mellow mood over the last evening. The ten of them simply fooled around not aware of what should happen the next day.
Contact to strangers.
Is he dominant - will he pull!
Strange, unknow thing with heavy contrast.
Will the pup examine things and play by himself.
The umbrella is opened - scary!
Down on the back. Dominans test.
Goodbye to the first puppies
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