The puppy is left alone in a completely unknown room. You watch how long time it takes, before the puppy squeaks or barks. If the puppy stresses up to much the test is cancelled. The behaviour of the puppy is being garded and notes being written down.

After five minutes the testleader enters the room.
She makes shortly contact to the puppy. Afterward the testleader watches how the puppy makes contact. Finally she walks around in the room to see if the puppy is eager to follow a stranger.

The tug-of-war test. To see if the puppy wants to play an to react how dominant the puppy gets while tugging.
The testleader rolls a tennis ball. She reacts if the puppy wants to fetch it - and if the puppy brings it back. The puppy gets three chances.

Activity test: Four differnt things are placed in the room and the puppy is being pout in there. You react how the puppy selects the four different things and how the puppy can concentrate on each of them.
An umbrella is opened in front of the puppy to see how the puppy reacts on sudden, strange, potentiously dangerous things. You also see how the puppy can abreact - does the puppy want to faced the umbrella or does the puppy go away.
A football is placed in the room. And so is the puppy. You react what the puppy does whit this new, huge thing.
The testleader rolls the puppy on it's back. This shows how dominant the puppy is. Dominant dogs fight. Non-dominante dogs stay on their back.
The test of loud noises. A metal bowl is placed on the floor. A bunch of keys is dropped in the bowl. You watch how the puppy react to the horrible noise. Abreaction is also being tested. Does the puppy want to face the bowl or does the puppy back off.
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It’s been a while since we have updated the homepage. The reason is simple: we have been very busy!
Thursday, just before the pups were 8 weeks old, Helle Mulvad came to do a mental test on the litter. She did the same on our L-litter.
Helle was very satisfied with the litter, which she found very homogeneous..

What is a puppy-mentaltest? You test how puppies react to things like: being left alone, contacting strangers, wanting toplay and be active, strage things, lowd noises and so on.

Helle Mulvad says: ”You should have your puppies tested by animopartial person, cause it gives you a clearer view of the content ofeach puppy. The puppy test is a tool for the breeder in order to help the puppy buyer to learn the puppy to know. A tool to guide the puppy buyer in imprinting the puppy in the direction you want right from the start. It shows you the strong and weak sites of the puppy.”
In the test Helle used her one schedules. You can download them here but unfortunately only in danish.

Below is the test. Pictures of the puppy and a summary of the text used in Helle's schedule.

The first six puppies go to their new homes