Having an old dog makes every day a gift. So it is obvious that Magnus should be celebrated today, when he is 11 years old.
Magnus was born the 1th of May 1996 at Jean and Rinus of Kennel Wobbling Sound in Holland, and he got the pedigree-name "Mighty Mouse With Wobbling Sound".
Since that day he has given os nothing but pleasure, and has always joined us on vacations. Lately however we have had good friends and familiy to take care of him, when we go to France. The heat and the long car-trip is too much for him.
He sufferes a bit from myalgia. But getting Torben's massage has been great for him. So we don't really feel we have and old dog. He is just as cheeky and lovable as always. And his devotion to goats cheese is still alive and well!
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