Magnus is 10 years old to day. He was born the 1th of May 1996 at Jean and Rinus of Kennel Wobbling Sound in Holland, and he got the pedigree-name "Mighty Mouse With Wobbling Sound".
We took Magnus with us home on our way home from holiday in France. In his puppy-pack he was the dominant male. His whole life Magnus has enjoyed beeing the leader of our pack - even though the girls sometimes tell him a word or two!
We have always brought Magnus with us on holidays in Denmark and in Provence. He had to go to Provence, since he quickly developed a perfect sense of good food. Especially french goats cheese is his favorite. You couldn't resist his look, when his nose has discovered goats cheese on the diningtable!
Magnus is father to three litters. Our own G- and J-litters and one litter at Kennel Fluffy.
Despite his ten years of age he is still in fine condition. Every day he jumps upon the groomingtable, and lays there having a perfect view on the road outside our house.
We hope to be able to keep him many years from now and enjoy the charm of having an old and experienced male in the house.
His birthday was celebrated at home - with lots of cheese to the Mighty Mouse!
Magnus eight weeks and just arrived at our place. Left: Rinus with Magnus to the left and a litterbrother.
Magnus eight weeks old.
Left: Magnus in show 1997 - 13 months old.

Above: Magnus with his blue eyes 1 year old.

Left: Magnus 10 years old.
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