Samson getting good adviced from Michael, while teacher Hans Ove is watching.
Molly watches what's going on outside the training-ring. Mette is holding her tight.
After having visited the three puppies from our I-litter (see the crosscountry puppy visiting), who stay far away from us, we very much wanted to see the rest of the litter, living near by.

We knew, we had the change, if we went to the puppyclass in Sorgenfri, where Samson, Fnuggi, Molly and Iris go.

Unfortunately there was some misunderstandings about time-scedules that very day, so all four were not together. But we met Michael with Samson and mette and Peter with Tumle. And so Søs was there with Me-Too - our bitch from Wobblingsound in Holland.
They worked on walking nicely in lead, come as your call, find things using nose, sit, lay down and so on.
During breaks the two litter-maids enjoyed playing with eachother, while the older Me-Too tried to get the pack together.
Michael holding Samson while Me-Too is on patrol! Molly following Mette very nicely.
Molly and Samson playing during breaks.
Samson, Molly, Me-Too and a Bearded Collie.
Me-Too nosing while Søs is helping - or is it the other way around?

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