The I-litter is five months old now and coat and teeh are changing.
This means you have to take notice of the first knots, double eyeteeth, hair in the ears etc.
Anders and Beate, who own Tumle, invited us to se them in their house in Jutland.
It happens that Nanna and her family stayed in a hollyday-cottage near by - so they were invited as well.
Wednesday 31th og August we packed the car with our own four dogs aand went to spent a wonderfull day togethr with the two puppies and families.
Tumle's home is situated in the middle of a forest with a small lake and big lawns for the dogs to run around and play on. Upper is Nanna, then Tumle and behind her our Misty.
Sebastian was fond of our Magnus. Tumle, Magnus and Meggie.
Sofie with Nanna and Tumle.
As always the company had to have their picture taken - everybody is on - except Jørgen, the photographer.

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