Four of the P-litter pups met again the other night, when the OES club had a grooming night in Rødovre.
Grooming nights is a long tradition, but this time it was nice to see a great many dogs. 12 OES' and their families came and had a fine evening.
People talked and exchanged experiences, and they groomed, cut claws on the dogs and pulled out hair from their ears.
Among the 12 dogs were the four three-months-old P-puppies: Teddy, Nikki, Nuller and our Snowy - and their half-sister Smilla, who is five months old. Their daddy is CH Brinkley Barnaby.
In the beginning the pups were a bit careful. But it didn't take long, before they played with each other and with the nice young male dogs in the group.
Snowy was very tired, when we drove her home afterwards. But she also got a lot of experiences in how to mingle with many dogs in a large group.
Nuller, Nikki and Snowy.
12 old english sheepdogs together in Rødovregård.
The four P-litter pups and half-sister Smilla saying hello to eachother in leads, before the were free to run around and meet the whole group.
Teddy on the grooming table.
Snowy played a lot with the young males.
Charlie and Snowy played together very well even though Charlie is so much older and bigger.
Nikki getting groomed.
Time for Teddy to get up on the table.
Snowy and Nuller.
Kennel Blue Berry mainsite