The R-litter is born 30. of May 2019

Nanna - Blue Berry's Queen Nanna - has given birtht to six puppies - two males and four bitches.

Father of the puppies is Blue Berry's Never Say Never.

The birth was expected around Saturday, June 1, but already on Tuesday, Nanna's temperature dropped to 37. Signs that birth is imminent.

So, Wednesday morning Birte took the train to Tåsinge - where Nanna lives with Bodil and Einer - to be ready to accept the puppies.

Nanna breathed heavily, but nothing really happened, and suddenly her breath got normal again.

Since two days had passed after a fall in temperature, we became worried and drove the 45-minute trip to Årslev Dyreklinik. Here, the vet was able to find out that there was fortunately a heart sound.

We drove home again and waited. Whew!

Nanna began to breathe intense again, and suddenly a couple of labor pains came, and the first puppy was born with the legs first!

Unfortunately, we couldn't get him alive - so the next hour before the next puppy was born, we were in a sad mood.

The next puppy was relaxed, but got started, and then the next puppies came with approx. half an hour apart. The birth went fine, and Nanna almost slipped the puppies out. The last puppy was unfortunately also dead.

After six hours of birth, Nanna had six lovely puppies that sucked with great zeal.

Because we only saw three plains and Nanna had a very black discharge, we went to the vet again and had given her calcium and something to pull the uterus together - and then the last placenta came out. After the puppies had food, the trip went back to Tåsinge.

Jørgen was at home in Herringløse and took care of Tiffany and Snowy while it was all going on. Friday after work he picked up Herdis, who was supposed to take care of Tiffany and Snowy while Jørgen went to Tåsinge.

The puppies are now a week old and Nanna takes perfect care of them with a safety so you would think she had tried it before.

She slips into the box by herself and sits carefully in the corner, waiting for the puppies to crawl to her, she then heads for the opposite corner and lays down.

The puppies weighed at birth from 250 to 400 gr - and have now doubled their weight.

We are now back in Herringløse and look forward to going to Tåsinge again on Sunday. In the meantime, Bodil and Einar make sure that Nanna is doing great, so that she can take care of her six little wonders.

Nanna in the box waiting for the birth to begin.

Bodil with Nanna at Årslev Dyreklinik - the vet.

The litter is born.

Bitch 1.

Male 1.

Bitch 2.

Male 2.

Bitch 3.

Bitch 4.

Nanna happy and satisfied with her six wonders.

Bitchh 1.

Male 1.

Bitch 2.

Male 2.

Bitch 3.

Bitch 4.