Blue Berry's Kiss of Snowflake
Far/father: CH Dreamdancer's Ballentines CH Uno di Uno a.d. Elbe-Urstromtal CH Keep Smiling Willy From W.-Germany
CH Geminot a.d. Elbe-Urstromtal
Georgina vom Bl├╝tenparadies Eskimo From The White Heather
Clementine aus dem Rotmaintal
Mor/mother: Lammorick Snow Flake CH Kerjalee Arnie Boy At Wildahar Kerjalee Joe Cool
Kerjalee Miss Moments
Lammorick Snow Storm Wookeymill Rollerboots
Rollingsea Lucinda
CH Footprints Lamborghini
Far/father: CH Bahlamb's Barnyard Baron CH Moptop's Lambluv Master Plan CH To-Jo's Root'n Toot'n Cowboy
CH Rholenwood's Taylor Maid
CH Bahlamb's Barnyard Beauty CH Sniflik Warwyck Darwin
CH Bahlamb's Bouncing Beachball
Mor/mother: CH Footprints Algebra CH Shaggy's Wicked Wizard CH Barnolby Master Baylind
CH Shaggy's Lovely Hannaha
Footprint's Morning Gift CH Lamedazottel A Star Is Born
CH Footprints Daybreak