Far: Mighty Mouse With Wobbling Sound Heavy Metal Plays
The Wobbling Sound.
CH Playboy Pepsi Is
Kehr Fully Maid
CH Sparkle Square's Carte Blanche
Trademark's Sparkle Square Sophie
Femke Of
The Wobbling Sound
Shimorill Pickpocket
Marilyn Monroe a.d. Elbe-Urstromtal
Izzy's Impact Into
Wobbling Sound
CH Vigilat's
Dear Davy Jori
CH Barking Bear's Davy-Belle
Vigilat's Yoline
Emilou Love To Do
The Wobbling Sound
CH Dibolt Dim Din of The Wobling Sound
Marilyn Monroe a.d. Elbe-Urstromtal
Mor: Lammorick's Snowflake Ch. Kerjalee Arnie Boy
at Wildahar
Kerjalee Joe Cool. CH. Lamedazottel Keep Cool
Kerjalee Star Moments
Kerjalee Miss Moments Arlils Gentleman of the Ring
Kerjalee Missy Moments
Lammorick Snow Storm Woockeymill Rollerboots Rollingsea Moonboots
Ragglebarn Maddie Haynes of Woockeymill
Rollingsea Lucinda Ch. Bobbington Latin Lover
Tuckles Tingerbelle at Rollingsea

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