Saturday we went to have our dogs testet on sheeps at Mrs. Anne Egede in Jægerspris.

We brought Misty and Maise, and Jørgen's sister Helle came with her Bouvier, Pinot. Furthermore there was Borderterrier bitch with her 16 months old puppy.

We started with the sheeps standing inside a small roundpen, while the dogs one by one were let inside the bigger pen that sorrounded the small one.

We should watch the dog's reactions and see if they could manage to find the "balance" and stand face to face to the leader-sheep while the shepheard standing opposite.

Later on the sheeps were let out to the bigger roundpen together with the dog who was free to chase the sheeps, though totally controlled by Anne, who gently guided the dogs with a rake. Safety for sheeps, dogs and humans had the highest priority.

Pinot did really super. He was even able to lay down on command in front of the group of sheeps.

Misty was barking and running around - we never saw her run so fast, when there are no sheeps around her!. But she showed fine instincts as well.

Maise was more insecure, and tried to get Anne's or Birte's accept all the time.

This reaction was clearer later on during the lesson, when we were supposed to lead a group of sheeps into a roundpen by means of three dogs in lead. You learned to read the sheeps and what their smallest movements meant. But now Maise was more interested in nosing around in the field. She simply tried to ignore the sheeps!

The 16 months old puppy reacted similar to Maise, so maybe a puppy matures slower when she lives together with her mother, even though we often take Maise away from Misty, just to give her experiences on her own.

After such a test, you really have respect for the shepheard and his dog who simply know how to handle the sheeps.


Click on the small arrow under the photo, and you will see a slideshow from the day. First it is the dogs in the roundpen – Pinot, Misty and Maise. Finally we are in the field – first Misty and Pinot, then Maise and Pinot.

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