Buddy won the youthclass and got the title: JWW 2002.

More pics from the show on www.youandi-oes.nl
Championclass males was a very impressive sight
Four days from 4th-7th og July the World dog show took place in Amsterdam, Holland. OES was judged saturday.
I was not originally entended to go there. But as time approached, it was hared to resist!
Well, i went to the Euroshow in Germany earlier this year. But then we brought two young OES-bitches. So I did not get much time to enjoy the males in the show.
There was cheap airplane-tickets for sale, and Jean and Rinus from the Wobbling Sound Kennels in Holland offerede hosting and transporation. So, the decition was taken!
In Amsterdam the show-area was very huge, full of space and light, and with a nice carpet for the dogs to run on.
79 OES was entered, and males and bitches were judged by individually judges, in separate rings.
Unfortunatly the rings were placed far apart from eachother, so we couldn't watch both. We decided to follow the males.
Open class males were first to be judged by dutch J. Wauben. Quality was not stable.
In youthclass danish Birgitte Schiøth with Buddy was a true winner.
At last we rached champion-class. And what a sight!
15 beautyfull males in huge, well-brushed coats. This sight was amazing and worth the whole journey.
At last the judged choose the very winning british champion Zottels You Don't Fool Me to best male. He continued to beat bicthwinner Int. Ch. Ylookaelike a.d. Elbe Urstromtal. So Fool Me to be BOB.
On our way back through the showrings to the car, we enjoyed the many sales-stands with everything one could imagine concerning dogs.

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